Agent Change:

Agent Change was found barely alive by the American CIA in a remote forrest in Northern Russia in the winter of 2006. She was 14 years old at the time she was rescued and placed in an experimental program for young agents. She received shock therapy to help reboot her memory, since she couldn’t remember anything before her time in the Russian forrest, and she underwent experimental surgery to reconstruct the almost nonexistent left side of her body. Agent Change spent 24 excruciating months in the secret program being tortured and brain washed day in and day out. On the night of August 8, she escaped her captive CIA facility and made her way to Uruguay. There she decided to dedicate her life to serving others and promoting and instilling justice. She started a personal operation to track down injustices in the world and take them out. Watch out social injustice, here comes Agent Change!

A.K.A. Samantha Watson: Sam is a senior in college working toward her Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Media Studies. She is a journalist for her University’s Relations department, an AmeriCorps alumnus, a resident assistant, secretary for D.E.E.P., and a director for Clayton State TV. She loves human nature, everything artistic, and plans to travel the world and get her PhD.

Minority X:

Born at a disadvantage from the start, Minority X has lived what many may consider an incredible life. As an infant a hospital explosion left him to fend for himself. Having nothing but partial medical supplies and a few books, Minority X taught himself to read and write. In 13 different languages. It is said that by the age of 5 he was reading and writing at a college level. By the age of 8 her managed to secure his own penthouse, earning money tutoring local college professors and politicians. By the age of 10 her was splitting his college studies between Oxford, Cambridge, M.I.T., Harvard, and Yale. To date he is the youngest person ever to receive a Ph.D at the age of 11. By 13 he was teaching several classes wrote a few dozen books (all of which were selected for the Nobel Prize of Literature). By 15 he was head of the NASA space program and is the youngest human ever to visit the moon (14 yrs 137 days). It is rumored that the United States made an exception to allow a teenage president, after many months of deliberation Minority X politely declined. He currently serves as the head of the United Nations Committee and often writes constitutions for other Countries.

At 18 Minority X turned his attention from academia to sports and entertainment. He has been in 9 Hollywood blockbusters all of which have broken the debut premier record. Despite only acting in 9 movies, he has won 10 Oscars and 17 best supporting actor awards. He currently hold the record for least amount of words in an Oscar winning role with 1. As a hobby, Minority X took up several sports in various leagues including but not limited to NHL, NBA, NFL, MLS, and MLB. He has been a first ballot hall of gamer in all of them. In his free time Minority X likes to read/rewrite classic works and listen to Lauryn Hill.

A.K.A. Edlin Veras: Edlin Veraz, 22, is a senior attending Clayton State University double majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Currently a full time student athlete, Edlin eventually would like to be a professor of sociology with an emphasis on race relations and social stratification. In his spare time he like to run, lift, spoken word, and listen to Lauryn Hill. 

General Justice:

Her true origins are still unknown. It’s been rumored that a young General Justice was the love child of logic and reason. Other believes she arose from the sea. She never likes to make public appearances so we’ve never really gotten the chance to ask her directly about her childhood. Whenever she is spotted around town, he is seen walking her dog, Phoofie, and reading a book in the park. Currently, General Justice is the Principal of Liberty High School. Her staff and students describe her as having an “inviting aura” and an infectious smile. Literally, children get sick with giggles whenever she flashes her pearly whites. General Justice spends her summers lecturing in foreign countries about the importance of love and community development.

A.D.A. Tacita Williams: Tacita Williams is a Senior Sociology Major at Clayton State University. She one day hopes to be an advocate for school based sex education and play a role in developing self-esteem in young girls.


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