Daily Dose: Just Shut up Already

I’m not sure that I have the patience to write a competently thought out and calmly constructed post about the prejudices I witnessed today because I’m running on quite a short fuse.

I’ve been encountering a lot of family in the past few days due to the recent passing of my aunt. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen these people for more than one day out of a year, so I didn’t realize the full extent to their absurdity until this week.

The first racist comment came from my grandmother (my dad’s mom, 70 something years old). Her, my mother, and myself were sitting in the living room and she started talking about how utterly shocked she was to see my sister with a black boyfriend. She commented on how my mother should have warned her about it and how she hoped they didn’t have kids. When asked why she felt that way by my mother, granny recoiled in her chair as if she’d been slapped. She looked awestruck at my mom for a minute then proceeded to make up some excuse about how “two colored children” (yes, her words) have shitty lives growing up, and how people shouldn’t be subjected to the cruelty that mixed children go through.
*First off, we’re in the 21st century and mixed children aren’t as ostracized as they once were. Second off, there’s no point in my rebuttal to that make-shift argument of hers because that is clearly not why she hopes they don’t procreate.*
Throughout the whole conversation, my grandmother kept looking to me for support while my mother was challenging her. I said nothing, and ten minutes later my black ex-girlfriend walked in the room. Granny almost had a heart attack.

The next incident took place with my nana (my mom’s mom, 50 something years old). Race was not the issue this time, but sexuality sure was. My mother and I were talking about her ex-stepdad George. She revealed to me that he was bisexual. My nana (who was married to the man for 12 years) walked in the room at that moment and immediately her face squeezed into itself as if she’d bit into a lemon. She held her tongue, but I knew something was up. Then as I was talking about attending Dublin Pride this month, her and my mother seemed excited because I was saying how fun I thought it would be. Then she asked “what’s Pride.” My mother responded, “gay pride, mom.” Her immediate response was “ewww.”
Not necessarily the blatant prejudice you hear about, but her “eww” and slight snarl at the idea of attending gay Pride was the most disgusting thing she could have done in my eyes. I mean even if you feel that way, have the respect and decency to keep a remark like that in. I’m anti-religion but I don’t “eww” every time she spews some righteously religious judgement or script, strictly because I’m not an asshole.

I’m suffocating by the un-acceptance in the air here. If another person throws stones at someone then ducks behind their bible one more time, I’m likely to freak out. I’m frankly concerned about being related to these people.

And that’s my daily dose of prejudice.

-Agent Change


One thought on “Daily Dose: Just Shut up Already

  1. It is truly a shame that people still think this way. It is even amazing that more people do not question themselves in reference to where/how they derive their beliefs. The arbitrariness of these so called “deeply held beliefs” is without a doubt the most overlooked problem in society.

    Your grandmother however, if I may speak candidly, is quite ridiculous with her statement. If one is to accept that people of color live these shitty lives and thus should not be made. Then, one could follow similar logic and euthanize the handicapped, retards, the terminally ill, and even senior citizens. I say that satirically of course but in essence that is what I interpreted from what she said “a shitty life is not worth living”…One could argue that the lives mentioned above are not-not shitty.

    A generation or two in the future will ease the burden of ignorance in regards to controversial progressive issues. One can only hope, you know with our shitty lives and all…

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