Realistically Fighting the System

Fighting the system is easier said than done.

I am currently seeking an internship to complete my undergrad communications degree, and sticking to my morals throughout this search is proving to be more challenging than I expected. I really should have seen this dilemma coming since the media is owned and run by conglomerates….
I promised my self that I would exemplify my belief of “free” media and quality content in any future position. This means that refusal to participate in “cluttered” (riddled with advertisements) media, refusal to construct and publish PR for strictly capitalistic corporations, and refusal to accept a position at a place practicing opposite ideals than those that I hold dear (Fox News). Little did I know how completely ridiculous my demands seemed in American free-market society.

At times I fear that my aspirations to uphold Ralph Waldo Emerson’s and Henry David Thoreau’s ideas of a “just society” are too fantastical to realistically live out. I get filled with the excitement of the idea of fully fighting the system and refusing to partake in and contribute to a government, society, and ideology that I see as ultimately damaging to communities and the Earth.Yet, no matter the how hot my ignited passion, this self expulsion seems unrealistic. I still have to live in the system. I have no choice. No matter what I do… no matter if I build my own Walden, the system will continuously be working around me. Just because I chose to ignore it doesn’t mean it doesn’t still exist and doesn’t mean it still isn’t affecting everyone else who may not have the means to ignore it.

Fighting the system from within is the more realistic and effective way to initiate and continue social, economic, and political change. You can’t aid in evolution from the outside. This is the mindset I have chosen to have going in to find an internship for the second time.

I want to pride myself in living the life I know I truly desire. I don’t want to cheat myself morally because some internship or job was easier to find. My career will be a big part of my life. That is how I will facilitate and participate in global change. I don’t want to sacrifice my ideals in something so important. I hope others feel the same way. I see too many people get caught up in the system itself, that they forgot to fight it. You get comfortable and your vision gets hazy when you start making good money. I want an internship that reminds me, if not everyday then now and again, why I do what I do.

I want to work because the work means something to me; the paycheck that comes out of it is just the realistic part. I can be civilly disobedient when I need to, but still feed my family.

-Agent Change


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