P*ssy Power

Feminism and chivalry cannot coexist. For starters, chivalry is a medieval byproduct, and if you haven’t noticed, it’s 2013. But then, what is feminism? Feminism, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes or organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.” Of course, like for everything else in life, you have the extremists (radical feminist) and the easier going (liberal feminists). Radical feminist envision a world of female dominance; breaking the chokehold of patriarchy. However, do radical feminist run the risk of basing what they feel is right off of patriarchal standards anyway?

If it’s socially acceptable to shave your legs, radical feminist say not to. But is this rebellion not only giving power to the penis backhandedly while taking away the freedom of women to make their own choices once again? Feminism should be tailored to the needs of every modern woman. As the times change, so should the implications of feminism. Women of today need to keep in mind the fact that there will never be one, fix-it-all solution to the male dominance of society nor will creating a female dominant society be the best resolution either. Instead, women of today need to approach feminism from an egalitarian angle. Men and women should be awarded the same opportunity to make the choices they feel fit as individuals without fear of judgment or prejudice. Once people learn to truly open their minds and become more accepting of others then feminism can pick up where it left off.

General Justice


2 thoughts on “P*ssy Power

  1. Interesting observations. I wonder though just who is going to award the same opportunities? Would that be the existing patriarchy? I consider myself to be a radical feminist, I DO NOT HOWEVER WANT TO DOMINATE MEN, I do want the old patriarchal ideology out of the way and since men do not see it to be problematic, women must push / fight for it’s change.

    • Actually, yes the current patriarchy will need to grant those opportunities. We as women know we are oppressed, the same way blacks knew they were. But it’s not until the privileged are made aware of their privileges that equality can be achieved. We as women do need to fight. I’m little mix of both aspects of radical and liberal feminism. I don’t think it’s ever good to be an extremist of one side.

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