What do you think: Biased News

I recently learned about Henry Luce in my Communication History class and I am enthralled with his and his partner, Britton Hadden’s, ideas. Luce was concerned with the quality of news at the time which was controlled by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. In light of WWI and the ensuing depression, he also dreamed of a news source that could bring news from around the world together, and citizens could read one publication and receive all the information they needed to stay informed.

In 1851 Henry Raymond was publishing the New York Times which prided itself on being an unbiased news source, which was different from the yellow journalism and gossip rags Hearst and Pulitzer were publishing. Luce, however, believed that news didn’t have to be unbiased. He thought that unbiased news was impossible and that it was okay to have biased news if you made your audience aware of your biases. He and Britton published TIME magazine which admitted to being pro business, pro God, and pro America. As you well know, the magazine has been highly successful and is still being published today along with its counterparts People, Sports Illustrated, Life, and Fortune magazine.

What do you think? Do your beliefs align with the New York Times and its unbiased news, or with TIME and its principle of publishing biased news as long as you tell the public what your bias is?


One thought on “What do you think: Biased News

  1. I don’t think you can ever really be unbiased. HOL UP! SI is pro-God?? All them titties? Jesus loved bad bitties in bikinis huh? I’m all for bias and letting them be known. It 1)forces people to be aware of their own bias and 2)forces you as an individual to be aware of your own and 3) allows there to be open communication about biases. Holy shit, we’ve got a dialoigue going, rather than people reading the news and running with it as fact.

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