Defining FeminISM

Defining FeminISM and the basic question what is FeminISM has been a controversial, ongoing debate for decades.  Is FeminISM a recognition and critique of male supremacy combined with efforts to change it as Susan Hartmann would argue?  Or is FeminISM a political commitment and not a lifestyle as bell hooks would argue?

In my opinion, there is no one perfect definition for FeminIsm because it is relative to whom you may ask.  Throughout history women have shared and different experiences, sentiments, and oppressions.  Some for which have been documented (The Feminine Mystique, Ar’n’t I a Woman, and Angry Women  to name a few) and some for which have never been expressed (the indigenous woman’s plight or the black woman’s ties with men within their racial community).

I personally do not believe in FeminISM because I believe in equal rights for all human life man or woman.  For my own personal experience, I believe that FeminISM has elements of oppression and duality within it.  I socially identify as a female biologically and my race is black (socially constructed). I do not define my identity by social constructs I define my identity as being HUMAN.  I do not believe that there is one clear way to define ALL those who identify themselves as WOMAN (this being a social-made concept in itself).  I have an issue with all of the ISMs in American Society and FeminISM is no different!

– Captain Justice


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